Georgia Mediation Services (GMS)

Georgia Mediation Services (GMS) specializes in the resolution of disputes and litigation associated with workers’ compensation, personal injury claims, insurance disputes, product liability claims and wrongful death actions. A multiple issue case may involve a workers’ compensation case with a third party tortfeasor, a product liability claim, and a legal or medical malpractice issue. GMS provides mediators who are neutral and unbiased legal professionals with no stake in the outcome of the mediation process other than a fair and reasonable settlement for all the parties.

Mediation Objectives

Mediation is solution-oriented. Our objective is to return individuals to a fuller measure of control over their lives by reaching the best economic resolution possible for all parties. Our mediators will assist the parties to create an amicable resolution to their dispute, whether the case has been ongoing for years or is in its initial stages. We have been around since 1995.

Choosing the right mediator can make all the difference. Our skilled mediators have represented numerous litigants in civil cases, giving you the benefit of their many years of experience.